Submitted by Lyndsay Lomberg, mother of his daughter Devon
Chris and his daughter, Devon
Chris and his daughter Devon

A quiet man

Chris sat back quietly and observed the world around him. He gave endless chances to people, because he believed in the good. If he loved, he loved with everything in him. He wore his heart on his sleeve. There was no question about his feelings. 

He had an artistic side

Chris was a carpenter, a good carpenter. He was very artistic. His drawings are all over our daughter Devon’s room — Disney characters; a big teddy bear with her name on it; a sketch of me and Devon, a good one. He was covered with tattoos everywhere on him. The Philadelphia skyline on his back. On his chest and arm, he had Devon’s name. He did that tattoo himself.

How our relationship changed

Chris and I crossed a line and used drugs together. The love shared was destroyed. We had to separate because we were poison to each other. If I stayed, what would have happened to my daughter? In order to stay sober, I had to walk away. 

He was in and out of jails and treatment facilities for years. It was a never-ending cycle. When he would go to jail, I would be happy — not that he was in jail, but that he was safe and I didn’t have to worry.

What he was proudest of

Chris and his daughter, Devon
Chris and his daughter Devon

His three children. The last two years, his two older kids from an earlier relationship pulled themselves back from him because of his problems. That was rough on Chris. He called Devon, his youngest, each night before bed. They would say hi back and forth so many times, then, “Love you, Daddy” and “Love you more, baby.” It was something small and overlooked, but the tone in their voices was so full of love. The thought of my daughter never hearing that again is overwhelming, heartbreaking. 

How I found out Chris had died

I couldn’t get hold of him. I was calling and calling, calling, calling. By night, I was telling my mom, “I have a bad feeling.” By the morning, everybody agreed I wasn’t crazy. They went to his house and had to kick the door down. I’m not naïve; I know overdoses happen. But I never really took in what it could mean.

How he would want to be remembered

Chris would want to be remembered as a man that was loyal. Once you became a part of Chris’s life, he was always there. He could be so mad at someone, but he would never turn his back. A man that loved unconditionally.

If I could say one thing to Christopher now

I would tell him to open his eyes and see how many people believe in him. He wasn’t alone. He was loved so very much.